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There's a guy on this lj page I read (friends of X community), and literally three times in the last few months, he's "passed the hat" (i.e. linked to a Paypal account) for his lj friends to help him pay for random necessities (rent, legal bills, RENT RENT RENT), etc.

I'm just flabbergasted. And amazed that people actually pay up.
I feel like this journal is pretty boring. When I look at friends' blogs, they are all fancy and have pics and stuff. Granted, I know I can change my layout/add pics, whatnot...I'm just lazy.

I just feel like livejournal is essentially dead. Especially after it made an appearance in The Social Network.
I used to take three pills daily: birth control, low-dose aspirin, and a multi-vitamin.

Now due to the never-ending hive shit, I take those three PLUS:

1. Zantac (yep, the acid reflux medicine, but used for hives)
2. Prednisone (steroid for hives)
3. Doxepin (normally an antidepressant, but used for hives)
4. Clarinex (antihistamine, for hives)
5. Scary long drug name (normally given to patients who had an organ transplant so they don't reject the organ--for hives)
6. Thyroid medicine (for hives)
7. Citracal (Calcium + D for Bone Density--counteracts prednisone side effects, makes me feel 75 years old)
8. Ranitidine (more acid reflux medicine, but used for hives).

RIDICULOUS. Also, most of these have multiple pills, so I'm up to something ungodly like 18 pills a day.
I'm searching for a white stocking cap with a red pom-pom to complete my Halloween costume. I can picture my dad wearing one eons ago, and since my mom throws nothing away, I searched through her house today to find the one I remember. In her hall coat closet I started the search, since there are literally about 20-30 old baseball caps of his up on the shelf.

It's been eleven years since he died, and every single one of those caps smelled just like him; like he had worn them yesterday.

On March 22, I started breaking out in hives. Hives. Everywhere. All over my body. Scalp, soles of feet, palms of hands, stomach, back, thighs, ankles, etc.etc.etc.

It's now been nearly five months and the only relief I have is steroids that I'm not supposed to be on long-term. In trying to uncover the cause, I've seen my family doctor, a dermatologist and an allergist. My allergist was the first person to examine my nose and note there was some blood.

I've had a hole in my septum for a few years. Probably since 2006. I ignored it. Didn't know what caused it, but figured it wasn't life threatening. It's gotten bigger over the years. I can stick a q-tip from one nostril, through my septum, out into the other nostril. So it's big.

Anyway, the allergist was a little worried about this development, coupled with the fact that some of my bloodwork came back indicative of an autoimmune condition.

After seeing an ENT, they did an endoscopy one week ago today and performed a biopsy of the nose to figure out what was going. I was supposed to get the results back at my ENT appointment today.

Last night (though it feels like it's still TOnight, since I haven't slept), my nose starts uncontrollably bleeding. Like a faucet. I was convinced I was dying due to one episode of Six Feet Under where the funeral was for a woman who died of a nosebleed.

Spent three hours in the ER. Now have so much gauze shit (seriously, they call this thing a nasal tampon) in my nose that I cannot sleep, cannot swallow without my ears popping, and I'm a total mouth breather. I JUST WANT TO FUCKING SLEEP.

But most of all, I just want all this shit to go away.
I've obsessed over my pant size since, oh I don't know, eighth grade? Just need to continue to tell myself that no matter how skinny or fat I am, no one can ever see what size clothes I wear.

Found my dream home today. It's only $290k ("only" as compared to my $398k dream home from last week)...still several more years away.

I have a pretty awesome husband.

Feb. 28th, 2010

I'm currently addicted to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Probably because I'm about to turn 27 (omg) and need to relive my childhood.

It feels good to have a Sunday night where I know that I'll be spending Monday-Friday night at home, instead of in a hotel. Two weeks out of town was my limit, I'm afraid.

I just rented Inglourious Basterds. I liked it a lot. I knew absolutely nothing about it whatsoever going in (other than it was nominated for Best Picture). The Academy really chapped my ass this year increasing the nominations from 5 to 10. It ruins AMC's Best Picture Showcase since it's now split among two Saturdays (unless you want to go to a 24 hour marathon in a big market). Of the five they showed yesterday, I'd seen four, and Basterds was the fifth, and luckily, already on DVD. I'm excited to go next Saturday and see the remaining 5 nominees (though I've already seen Up, but of all of the ones I've seen, it's the one I'd want to see again).

The husband and I purchased a brick paver for Mizzou's "legacy walk" today. It'll be installed in time for May commencement. Nerdy. As I was doing my taxes today, it was nice to see that the entity that received the majority of my charitable contributions was my alma mater. And none of it went to the business school, which makes me happy.

Blake and I were looking under the hood of his recently purchased 1983 Suburban when Bella jumped from the floor into the engine compartment to see what we were looking at. Our dog is amazing.

And with that, it's bedtime for this old girl. 26 years and 50 weeks. Makes me nauseous. I wonder how I'll feel about 30.

Feb. 25th, 2010

Watching the Olympics makes me feel like such an underachiever in life.

I love the team I'm working with right now. Wish it could last longer (though I'll definitely be glad to get out of Topeka).

All the ice skating jumps look the same to me.

Is livejournal officially dead now? I can go several days now without checking my friends list and don't even have to scroll down to click on "show more posts." Not to mention, I think I haven't posted since October.

Too many people on my FB friends list are getting pregnant (intentionally). Makes me feel extraordinarily old.

Found out today that Jenny will be in KC working on a client during April and May. So. excited.
Stephanie and I had a long conversation about having babies and whatnot. Enough to scare me. So not ready for that. They are a time/money suck.

I just spent two hours watching Say Yes to the Dress, and am now resisting the urge to unpack my wedding dress and put it on. I'll just look at pictures instead.

I'm addicted addicted addicted to hot tea. Yummy.

Bella jumped up and got muddy prints on my brand new white coat today. Well, that lasted two weeks. I have high hopes for the dry cleaners' abilities. She in general was a BAD DOG today. Enough that I had to put her "bad" collar on (i.e. the shock collar, which we've never, and will never, use for shock purposes). You can make it give a warning beep, which scares the bejeesus out of her. At this point, just putting the collar on her is enough for her to know she's been bad.

Blake is gone all weekend doing work stuff. We are getting to see Spring Awakening tomorrow night, which I'm very excited about. But as for the rest of my weekend...so far it has been very lazy and unproductive. It's a nice change from my fall of constant weekend plans.

Homecoming next week! Can't wait.
WTF? I just posted that last entry and have already gotten two spam comments...how is this happening? IRRITATED.



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